A few photos from our trip to Achill Island

Travel Journal

After our Margie’s wedding down in Dungarvan we drove Nothwest acoss Ireland to get to Achill Island. My mum’s dad is from Achill, and he was a strong man who we loved dearly. It was great to take Lindsay to a place that is like a spiritual home to our family and watch as its majesty stole her heart, just like it steals everybody’s. Achill is Lindsay’s home now too, which is a wonderful truth I’ll cherish forever.

I was pretty ill while we there though, but the Wild Atlantic air had me fighting fit again by the time we left. My bout stopped me taking as many photos as I’d have liked though. I’d never be able do Achill justice with photos anyway so there is no point getting hung up on it. Here are nine shots I took at various places around the island. Including from Sraheens cemetery where we spent a good while looking for my great grandad, Brian Masterson’s grave. We never did find it though.

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