About us

We are Paddy and Lindsay, a lad from Liverpool and a girl from Manchester who have been living in Barcelona for a while now. For the next few months we’ll be leaving our Catalan home and heading out onto the road. We want to see the world together so we’re heading off in search of adventure and to see how far we can get. We’ll be traveling through the Americas, Australia, and then up through Asia from the South. We hope to see the Himalayas and make it through India to Sri Lanka, but for now we’re simply taking every day as it comes.

We love Barcelona because it is rich and beautiful, and offers loads that excite the senses. It isn’t too far from home either, which is a big deal for us as our family and friends are really important to us both. For now though, we’re off as we head out in search of places that will take our breath away.

Why the road that never ends? Well, we’ve to more places that we want to go back to go than places we never want to see again. Add to that the fact that everywhere we go we learn about new fantastic places that need to seen, felt, and experienced and it becomes quite clear that the road we travel on goes on and on. Yes we can rest when we like, and home will always call to us as the only true destination, but we know the road will always be there, and we’ll never be short of places we want to go.