Maps are a great way to show you the route we’ve taken, the roads we’ve been down, and the modes of transport we’ve used along the way. We’ve split our trip into various parts to make the journey easier to digest. In each map you’ll be able to view all the points of interest from a particular leg of our trip and how we arrived at them. You’ll also find basic information and stories from our time on the road.

We’re also putting together a Google Earth project that will show all of the information found on each map in one place, complete with all of the 3D wizardry that Google Earth offers. You can find the link for this at the bottom of the page.

Below you”ll find the latest map, showing the latest leg of the trip we’re on now. If you keep scrolling down you’ll see the links to all of the old maps that contain information from past legs of our trip. We hope you enjoy checking out where we’ve been.

Map 2, Buenos Aires to…

Also, we can add photos to the map of our journey. If we’ve been lucky enough to spend time with you on our trip and you have some good photographs let us know. Contact us and we’ll add the images first chance we get.

Map 1, Barcelona to Buenos Aires

Google Earth of the whole trip (in testing)