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They’re rare but they’re out there.

The places we‘ve seen and and don’t want to see again.

Such places are not the focus of this blog.

This is all about the places I can’t cross off our list. The places I always wanted to see, and now I simply must see again. This blog exists to talk about the places I never knew existed, but now form  part of my soul. This blog exists because traveling makes the soul yearn for more, which makes it part of a never-ending cycle. The world both feeds and fuels my hunger. Hyperbolic sure, true maybe, but fun definitely; and that all this is supposed to be. A bit of fun. 

We will never go everywhere, will always want to go somewhere, and the list of places we want to see to will only ever grow. The road we travel is, and will always be, the road that never ends.

We hear about the places we want to visit in a myriad of ways. We then take what we learn and, without knowing what we’re doing, we buld a list. A sisyphean endeavour builds its way into our minds without us even knowing what is happening. A mission. A mission that will never end. A mission that will grow and become more impossible to complete as every day of our lives passes until the very last. The list of places we want to see, the cultures we want to feel, and the peoples we want to meet.

So as this grows inside us and adventure begins to call, we head off into the unknown. We want to go to this place and then that place; and then next time we’ll try there, there and there; before we return to rest before going again. But it doesn’t work like that. It never has, never does, never will. For those places are rare. The places we don’t want to see again, the cultures we’ve felt enough of, or the people that we’re done with. The list only ever gets bigger, longer, greater. Better?

Think about it. They are out there, but they are few and far between. So the road keeps growing, the mission goes on, and we try to think about how and where we’re going to go again. To the next place or maybe it’ll be the last place, but it has to be some place. Some place we need to be. A place on the list. A part of the mission. Out on the road that never ends.

It is the road that never ends that awaits. It has has snaked off behind me now for more than two decades. I started off holding people’s hands, branched off on my own, and now I stand excited and looking ahead.

My name is Patrick and this adventure is not my own. I owe this trip to girlfriend, Lindsay. She’s the engine that is driving us forward. We’ve travelled together before, but not like this. Never like this. Even alone I’ve never traveled anywhere like this before, which means we’re pushing off into the unknown together. We’ll be away for a long time.

We’ve a route, but no concrete plan. Now is about definition rather than concrete action. All good trips begin at home, but you’re already lost if you hit the road and you’ve too much to see. We’re not trying to figure out what we’ll see, but rather what we’ll look for. The things we love more than most, the things that the places we’ll pass through do better than most, and that sweet spot in the middle; the things we can afford.

For now we’re talking the best street food, best places to see local music, regional festivals we’ll pass through, and waterfalls that’ll be within our grasp. The secluded beaches, and the wildlife hotspots. The best that nature has to offer wherever we may find ourselves.

This is just a simple beginning. There is more to this. We will be back to tell you more.

We’re on the road that never ends.

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